I have a Nokia 6010 which is actually more phone than I need,
but I would like load a few custom ringtones to it. I've
found all sorts of web sites dedicated to sending thier
ringtones, but I'm looking for how to do it myself and not be
dependent on a site's wide but still limited selection. Even
reading the manual and what informattion I can find on the
web (seems to be all ads and precious little useful
information) I am left wondering a few things:

* What format(s) do I need to use, or convert to?

* It seems the 6010 can handle midi, but can I use any midi,
or is some down-conversion needed to deal with limitations
of the phone?

* I don't have web access on my plan, so is there another way
to get the music from my computer to the phone? (I'm on
Cingular, if that makes any difference.)

* Do I need a cable? If so, which one?

* If I can use a USB cable, will the phone appear as a drive
(like a USB Flash drive does) or is special software needed?

* If such software is needed, is there any available for linux?

Thanks. If there's a FAQ or such that covers all or even most of
this, I admit to having completely missed it and would appreciate
being pointed to it.

Paul Neubauer, N9IOG
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