As mobile phones define one's personality in the same
way ringtone defines mobile phones personality.
Ringtone is nothing but the pleasing sound from the
mobile instrument indicating an incoming call. It
provides a sense of personalization to your mobile
phone. Using the same old dull ring tone will never be
able to differentiate you in the crowd. But, having a
personal ring tone will immediately grab the attention.
So ring tones are melodies, tunes, sound, noise your
mobile make when an incoming call or message

Ringtone has become a rage among cell phone users,
especially youth. Ringtones have brought around a
fresh round of innovations to otherwise monotonous
mobile phone market. There is always competition
among youth for the ringtones downloaded and put to
use. Ringtones show that you're up to date and
happening. You can truly display your lifestyle and
certainly your musical taste on your sleeve.

There are typically two different types of ringtones:
monophonic ringtones and polyphonic ringtones.
Monophonic tones are simple tunes, most commonly
compatible with today's cell phones. The majority of cell
phones previously could only make a single tone at a
time. The monophonic tones comprised of a series of
sequential tones at different frequencies. Polyphonic
tones are played on each and every cellular phone now
a days that have the capability of playing up to 16
separate tones at once. The combination of tones
creates a harmonic melody. Polyphonic ringtones are
more musical than a monophonic ringtone.

New ringtone services are operating in order to offer
ringtones for download. These ringtones vary from old
numbers to just released songs from latest albums.
There also are sound effects, anything from chirping
crickets to a rocket blasting off to a galloping horse.
Ringtones can either be downloaded from net or can be
created by the user. The websites vary in that some
allow you to purchase specific ringtones while others
offer subscriptions that allow you to download an
unlimited number of ringtones. Users often download
multiple tones so that they can have different rings for
different callers. Software is also available that allow
consumers to create their own melodic ringtones. The
software runs on a computer, and once the tune is set it
can be transferred to the phone via a data cable.

Some technical websites declare that the cell phone of
tomorrow will replace the MP3 players of today. This
will be possible once a dual use battery is invented that
can hold a sufficiently long enough charge. The power
would last more than a few hours and could be easily
recharged. The technicians declare that memory
capabilities must be enhanced so that the user can
download and store hundreds and thousands of songs.
This isn't that far off, in fact an MP3 player being
replaced by a cell phone is considered possible within 5
years according to most technical websites. The
development has started and there's no looking back.
Consumers spent nearly $3.5 billion last year to
download 30-second polyphonic renderings of popular
songs. Thousands of ringtones are available to suit the
personality and mood of the user.

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