Hi All,

I have just completed the Ringtones website for my new company which I
joined about 2 months ago so I want to make a good impression. So far I
have not been able to find any problems so I have activated it. The
address is http://www.Mini-Tunes.net

The site has downloadable Ringtones, Screen Savers, Backgrounds, Logos,
Java Games etc..

Can you please check the site for any problems for me? Just in case I
have missed something really obvious?

I will also be grateful for any suggestions on how to improve the site,
and improve the listing in the search engines. I loaded it up a few
weeks ago and so far a search on Ringtones, Backgrounds, Mini Movies
etc.. does not show the site.

Also can you let me know how long the www.mini-tunes.net website takes
to load on a 56k line?



See More: Ringtones, Backgrounds, Logos etc...