Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS smartphones (
http://www.opm-2.com/symbian/ ) v2.7.8 is released
We are glad to inform you that we just released the new 2.7.8 version of
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS smartphones.
All registered customers may download the new version immediately from
their personal pages (using the link provided in registration confirmation

Changes in this version:
a.. Added support for Samsung SGH-D720, SGH-D720S, SGH-D728 and SGH-D730.
b.. Added support for Sony Ericsson P802 and P910a.
c.. Added cable connection support for Samsung models.
d.. Register/Unregister phones window: Added "Send via Web" button. By
clicking it register/unregister phones request sends to Oxygen Software web
page that displays the new regitration key in several minutes. We recommend
this way of registering phones to those customers who are experiencing
problems with sending requests by e-mail.
e.. Register/Unregister phones window: Now you can select "reply to"
e-mail address using combo box.
f.. Options, Phonebook import and export: "Delimiters" section has the new
parameter - "Replace CR symbols in text fields with..." where you can
customize the replacement string for CR (Enter) symbol when exporting data
to CSV file. This parameter is also recognized during import from CSV file
g.. Phonebook: Now contacts are copied to clipboard in readable text
h.. Phonebook: Caller group name field added to exported data.
i.. Phone explorer(tm): "My Symbian phones" node renamed to "My
j.. Added "vCard file(s)..." item to the main menu, Phonebook - Export
k.. "Request for resend registration code" item in Help menu is renamed to
"Get my current registration key". Now it opens the web page with your
current registration key.
l.. Messaging: Displaying downloaded status for e-mail messages.
m.. Italian, Croatian and Turkish translations are updated.
n.. Windows 98 and Windows 98SE are not officially supported now.
o.. Fixed flash cards support for Series 80 and Series 90 models.
p.. Fixed multimedia folders support for flash cards.
q.. Fixed bug with reading flash card ID. As a result fixed bug when the
Gallery files were not saved on disk after reading from phone.
r.. My phones: Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphones were not displayed in
the list. Fixed.
s.. Phonebook, Import from CSV file window: Last column (usually with Job
title field) was not displayed. Fixed.
t.. Gallery: Fixed big with removing subfolders.
u.. Gallery: Fixed bug with adding pictures in Thumbnails view mode.
v.. Gallery: Fixed bug with removing last file in Thumbnails view mode.
w.. Gallery: Many other fixes for Thumbnails view mode.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us (
http://www.opm-2.com/forum/ ).
Best regards, Maxim Vyalkov
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mobile phone.

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