Hey you! Yes you! Have you ever been inconvenienced by the pain of
boredom? Are you stuck in some pointless job, surrounded by loathsome
besuited morons, pretending to be busy for 8 miserable hours? Married
to a human corpse, all hope of love or even happiness long
disappeared, staggering dismally through the motions for the sake of
your kids or parents? Spending your life on dreary public transport,
in hospitals or schools, endlessly waiting for some dismal experience
you dont even want while the sickly-colored paint flakes off the grime
covered walls like the tears you can never cry?

Well, rejoice brothers and sisters! Its good news at last! Now thanks
to the miracle of your mobile phone you need never be bored again!

We at State Machine games have carefully crafted 2 fantastic Java
games, which allow you to experience any quantity of time without any
boredom at all! Both are designed to provide endless entertainment,
with the emphasis on playability. Infinite levels and rich interaction
with intelligent, unpredictable enemies allow you to depart at will
from your place of waiting and suffering and enter a fun filled alien
cosmos for as long as you choose - and thanks to the pause feature
your quest can last all through the work day!

Both games are available from:
(and various other places on the www)


This game depicts a chivalric space pilot of the future, intent on
winning the heart (and other bits) of the Princess of the Galaxy by
growing and harvesting intoxicating Confusarium flowers. Plant seeds
and then blast alien parasties before they can infect your precious

The game features Parallax Scrolling, Inertial control method,
Organic/Metal hybrid graphical style, extra weapons, and the alien
sunrise generator which gives each level a unique color scheme.

Warning: Confusarium Flowers may be illegal on some planets. Consult
your exobiologist before use.

Game 2: D-FENDER:

A homage to 80s arcade machines. D-Fender features smooth high speed
alien zapping action. Blast all the monsters before they abduct your
humanoid friends, but beware, if a Monster completes its quest it will
turn 'Cornholio'!

With psychedelic laser and strobe effects and endless attack waves
featuring all combinations Monsters, Pods, UFOs and Humanoids, this is
a timeless, highly addictive game which can happily absorb hours of
unwanted time!

And coming soon... HAMSTER PATROL!!!

What would you do if 100s of Lithuanian Bouncing Hamsters escaped from
the zoo and began bouncing towards certain doom? Thankfully,
Helicopter Jetpack Squirrel is on hand to save this rare species!

Coming soon to:


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