I've just updated my Pay-as-You-Go contract (T-Mobile for those interested
purists!) & bought in part exchange a new Nokia 3410 phone - I am still
finding my way around the handset & can figure out most functions & menus
from the hand book. But when it comes to using the Composer to type in a NEW
ringtone that I would like to use, I've trouble obtaining the correct key
codes for specific notes. I need to be taught HOW to change the notes using
the phone handset key pad through the tune tone notes.
The tune goes something like this:

2c2 4g1 4e1 2a1 4f1 16d2 8- 16c1 2b1 4a1 4g1 2e2 4- 4e1 2g1 8f1 8- 8e1 8-
4d1 8.- 16e1 8f1 4- 8e1 4- 16b1 2c2 4- 16d1 8- 16d1

I seem to be able to get any notes that start with the #4 code, but it would
be nice to see clear instructions set out.

Thanking you in advance for assistance tendered here.

John Locke.

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