Hello there:

I have a Nokia 3595 and I want to transfer ringtones & my phone book from my
computer to the telephone.
I find out this telephone cannot be connected w/a regular cable like other
phones. I was told I have to get a sim card reader, remove the sim card,
place it in the reader and then do the transferring.
My questions are:

1-) As I enter information in the sim card, would I have the chance to erase
whatever Cingular (my provider) programmed in my sim card to make my phone
work or it is safe to do it?

2-) If you have used sim card readers, which one do you suggest?
(Susteen, Datapilot? e-mobile ? Which software?)

3-) If you have used sim card readers, is there anything I should be aware
before I do it?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Thank you Oxigen for previous replies. I am searching for different options.

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