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    Does anyone have 'The Equalizer' theme available for a Nokia 6210. I have
    Nokring / PC Composer / Logomanager.

    Many thanks in advance.


    See More: equalizer tv theme

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    The Bach Pad

    Re: equalizer tv theme

    "Mat" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Greetings
    > Does anyone have 'The Equalizer' theme available for a Nokia 6210. I have
    > Nokring / PC Composer / Logomanager.
    > Many thanks in advance.
    > Mat

    Can I suggest you shoot your self off to as they have a large
    users group with all kinds of stuff, registration is free!!


    begin 666 Equalizer Tv theme.mid
    M351H9 ````8````!`>!-5')K```[email protected]#_40,'H2 `L =_`+ ** # [email protected]"Q!W\`
    ML0HH`,%T`+('?P"R"[email protected]`[email protected]`LP>@`+0'H "U!Z `[email protected]>@`+<'H "X!Z `N0=_
    M`+D*+0#)#@"Z!Z `NP>@`+P'H "]!Z `[email protected]>@`+\'H%^!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21
    M,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21+E4`DBY5`)DN572!+D `@BY `(DN
    M0 21*U4`DBM5`)DK572!*T `@BM `(DK0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C!
    M`(DP0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21*U4`DBM5`)DK58%[email protected]
    M`((K0 ")*T $D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D3!5`)(P50"9,%5T
    [email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9
    M*[email protected] `((K0 ")*T $D$-5`) _50"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP
    M0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 202E4`D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected]$I
    M`($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)!+50"1*U4`DBM5`)DK572!*T `@BM `(DK0 21,%4`
    MDC!5`)DP572 2T `@3! `((P0 "),$ $D$A5`)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 ""
    M,$ `B3! !)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=($K
    M0 ""*T `B2M !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5
    M=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`
    MF2M5=($K0 ""*T `B2M !)$P50"2,%4`[email protected]!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21*U4`
    MDBM5`)DK572!*T `@BM `(DK0 21+E4`DBY5`)DN572!+D `@BY `(DN0 21
    M,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572 /T `@$- `(!(
    M0 "!,$ `@C! `(DP0 202U4`D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected]$M `($N0 ""+D `B2Y
    M!)!*50"1*U4`DBM5`)DK572!*T `@BM `(DK0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572 2D `
    [email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D%)5`)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$N50"2
    M+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=($K0 ""*T `B2M !)$P
    M50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3!
    M!)$K50"2*U4`[email protected]!*T `@BM `(DK0 21+E4`DBY5`)DN58%[email protected] `((N
    M0 ")+D $D3!5`)(P50"9,%6!;(!20 "!,$ `@C! `(DP0 202U4`D3!5`)(P
    M50"9,%[email protected]$M `($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!*50"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572 2D `@3!
    M`((P0 "),$ $D$M5`)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`
    MF2M5=(!+0 "!*T `@BM `(DK0 205U4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 ")
    M,$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]%= `($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!250"0454`D2Y5`)(N
    M50"[email protected]%% `(!20 "!+D `@BY `(DN0 203U4`D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected]$]
    M`($K0 ""*T `B2M !)!+50"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21,%4`
    MDC!5`)DP572 2T `@3! `((P0 "),$ $D%)5`)!+50"1+E4`DBY5`)DN572!
    M+D `@BY `(DN0 21*U4`DBM5`)DK572!*T `@BM `(DK0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP
    M58%[email protected]$M `(!20 "!,$ `@C! `(DP0(%TD3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 ")
    M,$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N
    M0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected] `((K0 ")*T $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]!
    M`((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D2Y5`)(N50"9+E5T
    [email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected] `((K0 ")*T $D3!5`)(P50"9
    M,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D2M5`)(K
    M50"9*U6!;($K0 ""*T `B2M !)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$P
    M50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!/50"1+E4`DBY5`)DN572 3T `@2Y
    M`((N0 ")+D $D$U5`)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=(!-0 "!*T `@BM `(DK0 202U4`
    MD3)5`)(R50"9,[email protected]) `((R0 "),D $D3)5`)(R50"9,[email protected]$M `($R0 ""
    M,D `B3) !)!+50"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21*U4`DBM5`)DK
    M572 2T `@2M `((K0 ")*T $D%=5`)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=($R0 "",D `B3)
    M!)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=(!70 "!,D `@C) `(DR0 205E4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%5T
    [email protected]%9 `($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!450"1*U4`DBM5`)DK572 5$ `@2M `((K0 ")
    M*T $D%%5`)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=($R0 "",D `B3) !)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=(!1
    M0 "!,D `@C) `(DR0 20454`D$M5`)$M50"2+54`[email protected]!+4 `@BU `(DM
    M0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21,E4`DC)5`)DR572 2T `@%%
    M`($R0 "",D `B3) !)$M50"2+54`F2U5=($M0 ""+4 `B2U !)$P50"2,%4`
    MF3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!&50"1,E4`DC)5`)DR572 1D `@3) `((R0 ")
    M,D $D$A5`)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=(!(0 "!,D `@C) `(DR0 202U4`D3!5`)(P
    M50"9,%[email protected]$M `($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!*50"1+54`DBU5`)DM572 2D `@2U
    M`((M0 ")+4 $D$95`)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=($R0 "",D `B3) !)$R50"2,E4`
    MF3)5=(!&0 "!,D `@C) `(DR0 201E4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 ")
    M,$ $D2U5`)(M50"[email protected]$9 `($M0 ""+4 `B2U !)!&50"1,E4`DC)5`)DR
    M572!,D `@C) `(DR0 21,E4`DC)5`)DR572 1D `@3) `((R0 "),D $D$95
    M`)$P50"2,%4`[email protected] 1D `@3! `((P0 "),$ $D$95`)$M50"2+54`F2U5
    [email protected] 1D `@2U `((M0 ")+4 $D$95`)$K50"2*U4`[email protected] 1D `@2M `((K
    M0 ")*T $D$M5`)$R50"2,E4`F3)5=(!+0 "!,D `@C) `(DR0 202E4`D3)5
    M`)(R50"9,[email protected]$I `($R0 "",D `B3) !)!+50"1+E4`DBY5`)DN572!+D `
    [email protected] `(DN0 21*U4`DBM5`)DK572 2T `@2M `((K0 ")*T $D%=5`)$P50"2
    M,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=(!70 "!,$ `@C! `(DP
    M0 204E4`D%%5`)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=(!10 " 4D `@2Y `((N0 ")+D $D$]5
    M`)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=(!/0 "!*T `@BM `(DK0 202U4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%5T
    [email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]$M `($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!250"0
    M2U4`D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected] `((K
    M0 ")*T $D3-5`)(S50"9,U6!;(!+0 " 4D `@3- `((S0 "),T $D3!5`)(P
    M50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D3!5
    M`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $
    MD2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected] `((K0 ")
    M*T $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P
    M0 "),$ $D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected]
    M`((K0 ")*T $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%5T
    [email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D2M5`)(K50"9*U6!;($K0 ""*T `B2M !)$N50"2+E4`
    MF2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!/572
    M3T $D$U5=(!-0 202U4`D$A5`)!#50"00%4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P
    M0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]!
    M`((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$"!<(! 0 " 0T `@$A
    M`(!+0 202%4`D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*U5T
    [email protected]$A `($K0 ""*T `B2M !)!250"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21
    M,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0(%[email protected]%) !)!158%PD2Y5`)(N50"9+E5T
    [email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*[email protected]%% `($K0 ""*T `B2M !)!*50"0
    M1E4`D$%5`)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P
    M0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5
    M=(!*0 "!,$ `@C! `(DP0 202E6!<)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y
    M!)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=(!*0 "!*T `@BM `(DK0 203%4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%5T
    [email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$"!<(!,0 20356!
    M<)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=(!&0 " 04 `
    [email protected]$U `($K0 ""*T `B2M !)!(50"00U4`D$!5`)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 ""
    M,$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P
    M0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! @7" 2$ $D$A5`)$N
    M50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=(!#0 " 0$ `@$A
    M`($K0 ""*T `B2M !)!250"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21,%4`
    MDC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP58%[email protected]%) `($P0 "",$ `
    MB3! !)!158%PD2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D2M5`)(K50"9*U5T
    [email protected]%% `($K0 ""*T `B2M !)!,50"1,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21
    M,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP
    M0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572!,$ `@C! `(DP0 202E6!<)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=($N
    M0 ""+D `B2Y !)$K50"2*U4`F2M5=(!*0 "!*T `@BM `(DK0 203%4`D3!5
    M`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$ $D3!5`)(P50"9,%[email protected]! `((P0 "),$"!
    M<(!,0 202%6!<)$S50"2,U4`F3-5=($S0 "",T `B3- !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5
    M=(!,0 " 2$ `@3! `((P0 "),$ $D$A5`)!%50"0054`D355`)(U50"9-55T
    [email protected] `((U0 ")-4 $D355`)(U50"[email protected] `((U0 ")-4 $D355`)(U50"9
    [email protected] `((U0 ")-4 $D355`)(U50"[email protected] `((U0 ")-4"!=)$S50"2
    M,U4`F3-5=($S0 "",T `B3- !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)!+
    M50"1-54`DC55`)DU572!-4 `@C5 `(DU0 21-54`DC55`)DU572!-4 `@C5
    M`(DU0(%[email protected]$M !)!*58%PD3-5`)(S50"9,[email protected] `((S0 "),T $D355`)(U
    M50"[email protected]$% `(!%0 " 2$ `@$I `($U0 ""-4 `B35 !)!,50"00U4`D$!5
    M`)$P50"2,%4`[email protected] 3$ `@3! `((P0 "),$ [email protected]"1+E4`DBY5`)DN
    M572!+D `@BY `(DN0 21*U4`DBM5`)DK572 3$ `@2M `((K0 ")*T $D$A5
    M`)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `
    MB3! @V21+E4`DBY5`)DN572!+D `@BY `(DN0 21,%4`DC!5`)DP572 0T `
    [email protected]$! `(!(0 "!,$ `@C! `(DP0 201E4`D$-5`) _50"1,U4`DC-5`)DS572!
    M,T `@C- `(DS0 21,U4`DC-5`)DS572!,T `@C- `(DS0 21,U4`DC-5`)DS
    M572!,T `@C- `(DS0 21,U4`DC-5`)DS572!,T `@C- `(DS0(%TD3%5`)(Q
    M50"9,[email protected]% `((Q0 "),4 $D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected] `((N0 ")+D $D$E5
    M`)$S50"2,U4`F3-5=($S0 "",T `B3- !)$S50"2,U4`F3-5=($S0 "",T `
    MB3- !)$Q50"2,54`F3%5=($Q0 "",4 `B3% !)$N50"2+E4`F2Y5=(!)0 "!
    M+D `@BY `(DN0 202%4`D3-5`)(S50"9,[email protected] `((S0 "),T $D3-5`)(S
    M50"9,[email protected] `((S0 "),T $D3%5`)(Q50"9,[email protected]% `((Q0 "),4 $D2Y5
    M`)(N50"[email protected]#] `(!#0 " 1D `@$A `($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)!,50"00%4`
    MD$-5`)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 ""
    M,$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=($P0 "",$ `B3! !)$P50"2,%4`F3!5=(!,
    M0 "!,$ `@C! `(DP0 202E4`D3!5`)(P50"9,%6!;(!*0 "!,$ `@C! `(DP
    M0 202%4`D2Y5`)(N50"[email protected]$A `($N0 ""+D `B2Y !)!(50"1*U4`DBM5
    M`)DK572 0$ `@$- `(!(0 "!*T `@BM `(DK0 202%4`D$-5`)! 50"1,%4`
    DDC!5`)DP58%[email protected]$! `(!#0 " 2$ `@3! `((P0 "),$ `_R\`

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