I bought 2 at Xmas and one has been faulty since. Carphonewarehouse
are disinterested, other than to give me my money back (ie here's your
money - pick another phone).

Nokia seem to be a hard company to get an answer from. No email
address and no answer from the customer help telephone line.

The problem is that the phone supplied has suddenly changed to a
restricted phone and therefore has refused to work. It did work for
several hours before this happened.

Is this a common fault with Nokias? Who can fix it? Will Nokia
replace it?

Watch this space to a saga of incompetence and absolutely shocking
customer service...meantime a teenager is going without a christmas

Quetions to be answered...

Why did it suddenly change?

Who is responsible?

Why is this message not documented in the handbook?

These and many more coming soon....

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