HANOI (Vietnam): A Nokia mobile phone exploded in a man's pocket in
Vietnam's central City of Danang, state media reported Saturday, in
the latest such incident to occur.
The unnamed man, who worked for the Ministry of Finance-owned
accountancy firm AAC in the city, told the Tuoi Tre newspaper that his
Nokia 8310 phone was not in use at the time of Thursday's tiny blast.
"The mobile was in a normal state in my trouser pocket and there were
no communication at that time when suddenly I heard a little explosion
and my phone became hot," he said. "I took it out and found the mobile
was off and I couldn't use it."
The man, who suffered no injuries, said the blast caused a
thumbnail-sized hole in the handset's front cover and blackened the
He said he had bought the phone with a 12-month guarantee from an
official Nokia supplier in April last year for around 335 dollars .
The man said he had not replaced any parts.
Last month a man suffered facial injuries in Bien Hoa, just north of
Vietnam's southern business capital of Ho Chi Minh City, after his
Nokia 8310 handset exploded The victim, Nguyen Dinh Ly, said he
noticed the battery was low and then suddenly it went dead.
As he went to power the phone on again it exploded. The Finnish mobile
phone giant has cited faulty batteries from independent electronics
manufacturers for similar incidents in the past.
In October a woman suffered burns to her stomach and hand when her
Nokia 8210 handset exploded in Ho Chi Minh City.

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