[email protected] (Jen) wrote:
>I am running WinXP Professional on a Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301. I
>am getting the most heinous and irritating error message whenever I
>try to install the Nokia PC Suite SW (ver. 5.16): "Unhandled
>Exception: Error Number: 0x80040707 Description: Dll function call
>crashed: ISRT._WaitOnDialog Setup will now terminate." This happens
>right after I choose the destination location to install the SW, and
>the only option is to click OK and then click Finish on the SW
>window--I can't continue the install. I've tried installing it from
>the CD, from the internet, in various orders with the DKU SW, etc.
>etc. Nokia Support was no help. They said nothing was wrong with
>their SW and it must be on my end, and they couldn't help me. Aaaagh!
> Any suggestions? I've searched all over this group and can't find
>any postings dealing with a similar error. Thanks!

when installing the program try disabling your AV software and firewall


www.google.com is your friend

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