I'm a little confused with the specifications of the Nokia 6820. The
specs mention that it is EDGE compatible. However, there is no mention
of GPRS. My network provider hasn't deployed EDGE, but offers GPRS. So
my question is, will the 6820 be able to use the GPRS facility ?

Reading the user manual, it seems like the 6820 EGPRS is
backward-compatible with Release 97 GPRS networks.

However, if i read the following website
it says "Surprisingly like in other cases, Nokia have not included
GPRS in the 6820. This must be one of the first instances where GPRS
has been totally removed from the handset. In other cases, GPRS was
always present with EDGE, in case the service provider had not yet
implemented EDGE services."

I'm confused - i thought EDGE phones would search for EDGE networks
and if there was no EDGE network, they would default to standard GPRS.

Can somebody clear this up - can the 6820 use standard GPRS ?

Thanks in advance

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