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    Lord Cyber Witch
    Today, I was sitting on GPRS, when suddenly my phone restarted itself,
    it didn't ask me for my pin code or anything though. I tried to
    reconnect to gprs and it did the exact same thing. I then removed the
    battery and put it back in, attempted to connect one final time. It
    switched itself off. I attempted to turn it back on, but now the
    screen just lights up and then goes back off. I've taken the battery
    out, swapped it with another battery and checked all the pins, nothing
    looks broken. If any of you know what might be wrong please e-mail me.

    Note: I have been using a 5.6v Nokia Charger, although when i looked
    at the battery it says 3.6v, is this anything to worry about? All
    previous nokia phones have worked fine with this charger and they also
    say 3.6v on the battery. It was on charge last night but after taking
    it off charge it still worked fine for 5 hours.

    James Lewis

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    Re: 3510i Problems

    sounds like the prob i had a while back , and one day it wend off i could
    not get it switched back on
    go to a local service center and get the up date on the software

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