My last post didn't seem to arrive, so I'll paste it again, apologies if it
gets double posted.

Does anyone have a link for the program in the subject?

Recently after getting blind staggeringly drunk at a stag night I lost my
phone, annoying but not too much of a problem, I did after all have a
backup, or so I thought...
I changed from Nokia, and went for that Motorola on the new 'three' network
(by the way, its not great if anyone is thinking of changing) and I cannot
get any sensible information from the .dat file the backup (pc suite)
A little investigation tells me I need pc suite tweaker to create a
contacts.cdb file and a SDK to read the file, which all sounds easy
enough...if I could find the tweaker program. Actually, that's not entirely
true, I did find a tweaker prog which didn't work, it just ignores my backup
completely, version 1 of the tweaker.
The backup was made from a 7650.

Someone please help me out here
Thanks in advance.

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