Hi, I used to use a Nokia 6610 phone and sync with my Windows 2000 PC
over infrared no problem using Nokia PC Suite 5. I downloaded a lot of
SMS & contacts which I don't want to lose.

I now have a new Nokia 6600 and have installed the "PC Suite for Nokia
6600" that comes with it. (I just installed in a different directory
thinking it would not affect the old program)

The problem is, now I can't load the PC Suite 5 program (I get "Can't
find NLR file") or find any of the data it stored. Does anyone know
where & how it stored the data... is there any way I can get it back?

The second problem is, the Nokia 6600 software seems very unreliable -
it seems to have installed 2 system tray icons for "mRouter" and the
software doesn't always seem to pick up my phone. I guess removing
both pc suites & reinstalling may fix this. Has anyone else had these

Also the software seems really crappy, what happened to all the cool
utilities like Image Converter, Sound Converter, Phone Editor and the

Any help or advice appreciated..

Alex Bowyer

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