I have a 2280 CDMA mobile that I am trying to connect to my PCs (XP &
win2k). The PL-2303 USB-serial software loads OK followed by the DKU-5 cable
software. Then I connect the phone and it displays "ready for data" then I
proceed to load pc suite either 4.96 or 5.1.

The pc suite detects the DKU-5/USB comm port (5) and finalizes it's loading.
When I launch the connection manager it requires me to select the port, I
choose "serial" then proceed to select the "nokia 2280" then the "apply"
button greys out and I am unable to establish a connection.

The phone appears to have some level of communication but I am unable to get
full comms, eg: when the serial button glows green the phone displays "data
connection ended" and when the serial button is grey the phone displays
"ready for data". This is the opposite of what I would expect. Is there a
setting I need to toggle?

Any assistance would be appreciated as this has become very frustrating for

Thanks in advance


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