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Nokia launches first WiFi-enabled smartphone; licenses P2T to Samsung
Nokia yesterday kicked off the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, by
launching a new enterprise-grade smartphone, the Communicator 9500. The new
Communicator is a tri-band handheld that runs on GSM/GRPS and EDGE networks
and is Nokia's first device with built-in WiFi. The Communicator 9500 can
use 802.11b network access for both wireless data as well as Voice-over-WLAN
(VoWLAN) phone calls. The new smartphone uses the Symbian OS and features a
digital camera, 65,000 color display, MMC card slot, and Bluetooth. The new
Communicator will also include software from Computer Associates, IBM,
Oracle, and Symantec. Siebel and SAP also plan to release new client
software designed for use on the device. The new Communicator 9500 will be
available in the fourth quarter for roughly $1,000.

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