There should be only the customer ringtones listed there not all the
standard list. So if you have loaded midi or RTTTL file to your phone's
standard list, you are able to see those ringtones in the List section.

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> oxygensoftware,
> i posted before and you replied.
> the nokia 6560 is now on your verion 2.2.1 release list, no longer
> titled "preliminary support"
> yet
> it has the same problem as before, where
> the ringtones list is not complete, ie - it does not retrieve all
> names that exist in my ringtones directory (wherever that may be...)
> thus,
> it seems like a bad idea to me to use this to alter the file sturcture
> of that directorty in anyway?
> of course,
> i DO have only the demo version...
> serioustly though, can you fix this?

See More: OxygenSoftware -- re: OPM2 compatibility w/ Nokia 6560 = same problem as last version.... (p