I have problems connect the nokia 9210 to the XP with usb-com adapter.
I read in the group this:

> > I have just got a Belkin Serial to USB connector to connect my 9210 to my
> > new laptop, running Windows XP.

> Most USB-Serial adapters create virtual COM ports higher than COM4, and the
> 9210 sync software can only see COM1-COM4.

*** Hey! I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to you for this.

After reading this, I checked, and was able to change the port from
COM9 to
COM1, and guess what - it works! So thank you Mr. Mwongozi - that's
me loads of time and grief!!!

Sharing this with you all in case it's of use.


But how can I change the Virtual COM port to the COM1 for example???
rally thanks!!!

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