Hi guys,

I need to write an application so that blind people can use Nokia GSM. I
need to connect them to a device running the CE.Net platform using serial
port (later IrDa and BlueTooth).

Which Nokia GSM support the AT Command set ?

I know the 51xx and 33xx don't , and they need a driver to use the gsm as a
modem. I have Data Suite 3.0, but that doesn't support CE.Net or Win XP.

What I need is drivers for CE.Net in order to use these phones with AT

Is there a list of Nokia phones that have a built-in hardware modem and
accept AT Commands directly.

I have experimented with FBUS software for Nokia phones, but not all
functions seem to work, and it is very slow.
The application needs to be able to connect using different phone types, but
Nokia is the most popular here in Belgium, and they seem the most difficult
to use.

Please help me, it's a very important project !


Oliver Williams

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