Hey all,

Been lurking for a while and people here seem friendly enough, so I hope
someone can give me a hand.

I'm building my own headset adaptor for a Nokia 5165, as I don't really care
for most of the products on the market. I bought a "cheapie" headset at VIP
for the connector (It can be taken apart), and I'm pretty much settled on
how to wire up the audio out and the headset connector, but there's only one
problem. How do I get the phone into "Headset mode" without bridging the
Analog Ground and Analog MicIn pins? Would connecting the MicIn pin to the
signal ground work out okay without interfering with anything? I seem to be
able to put the phone into headset mode by grounding pin 3 to either the
analog ground, or signal ground. Any help would be appreciated as the
headset I bought is difficult to take apart and see how it works. I don't
need an answer/hangup button, I just need the audio wires.

Thanks in advance,

Decimal Cat
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