I have the CARK-91 Nokia Car kit already installed in my car, and use
a Nokia 6310i with it. However I also have a Sony Ericsson T610 mobile
phone which I would like to use with the existing Nokia Car kit.

I therefore purchased the Sony Eriscsson HBH-200 Bluetooth adapter.
The advantage of this adapter is that it has an independent ear-piece
and microphone that plugs into the bluetooth adapter. Therefore I was
thinking is is possible to make a lead connecting the Nokia CARK-91
module with bluetooth adaptor, i.e

*********** *************** ************************ ******
* CAR KIT * <*** Custom Lead ***> *HBH-200 Btooth Adaptor* *T610*
*********** *************** ************************ ******

One end of the lead would be 2.5" jack which plugs in the the Btooth
Adapter, the other end would plug into the Car kit, or the 6310i phone
holder. Also would it also be possible to have radio mute, and the
nokia kit already has it working with my BMW car rardo.

Thank you in advance

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