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> I'd think very carefully before installing this update. Imagine my
> surprise and delight (not!) when EVERY time I run v2.1, it pops up a dialog
> box telling me that my subscription is about to expire, and that I need to
> pay (per handset) for a year's extension to my licensed handsets in order
> to qualify for upgrades and support.
> Whilst I don't think it's unreasonable to charge an upgrade fee for MAJOR
> revisions of software, I have a couple of issues with making it an ANNUAL
> upgrade, irrespective of how major or minor, or indeed how many new
> versions have been released:

Thank you for your request! Technical support is annual. You should
just activate the newest activation keycode in program ( 'Help' ->
'Enter registration code' ). For version 2.1 you should request
corresponding keycode from your personal registered customer's page.
If your technical support subscription will expire, it doesn't
limitate anyhow program's functionality: you still can upload data
without any limitations and change phones inside the latest available
license as well.

> 1. Do I now have to pay in order to get bugs fixed?

In case, if your technical support subscription has not expired, just
request the latest keycode from your personal registered customer's
page. Also, please, check, whether you have set correct system date on
your PC.

> 2. Why can't I stop the damn thing *which I've paid for* popping up the
> damn dialog box EVERY time I run it?

This pop-up menu is not anyhow related to program's functionality: you
can still upload data without any limitations. This pop-up window just
informs you about technical support and updates subscription, so you
could get fast and easy access to technical support subscription
renewal information directly at program startup. But, indeed, you
there will be no any limitation to current program's functionality.

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