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    Przemyslaw Kempinski

    I had Nokia 6100 which was stolen I have an backup of all phone
    data content and I would like to recover my 6100's phonebook to the
    8210's which I already have. I download phonebook using Nokia PC Suit
    5.1, and that software cannot put the phonebook from my hard disk to
    my 8210. I can only download phonebook from cell phone to HDD. Is
    there any software which could help me to copy data from HDD to "new"
    phone (8210)?

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    Re: phonebook from 6100 to 8210?

    sorry i can't help with query but how was it stolen?

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    Przemyslaw Kempinski

    Re: phonebook from 6100 to 8210?

    Dnia Sat, 10 Apr 2004 17:05:42 +0100, "Joe"
    <joe_g_g(spam)> napisał(a):

    >sorry i can't help with query but how was it stolen?

    How?... Hmm... I live in Poland. It's nice country but we have a lot
    of juvenile scams' whoes don't know what to do in free time. So I was
    on the party and I had to back home by bus at night, and unfortunatley
    I "fall asleep" and one of that f....g scams cut a hole in my jeans (I
    didn't feel anything) .

    But more sad thing is that in Poland you can walk on the street with
    your phone and you can be robbed by scams with knifes and nothing you
    can do. They don't look who they are robbing- it doesn't metter it's a
    woman, man, old or young.

    I still have a hope to receive back my phone, but it depends how the
    robbers are smart.

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