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    Rob Tompsett
    I can't seem to be able to send mms messages on my 6600 (o2 Online

    I either get 'waiting', 'failed', or 'resend at xxxx'.

    My settings for mms are;

    Connection Name;
    O2 MMS

    Data bearer

    Access Point name;

    User name;

    Prompt password;

    Don't know - it just says ****



    Email, wap, SMS, are all working fine. Does MMS require the recipients phone
    to be switched on at the time of sending, or are the messages stored in a
    server somewhere?

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    Re: 6600 o2 mms settings help!

    On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 07:53:16 +0100, "Rob Tompsett"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >I can't seem to be able to send mms messages on my 6600 (o2 Online
    >I either get 'waiting', 'failed', or 'resend at xxxx'.

    been having them problems all weekend mate so It wight be O2

    Im in West Wales
    E-Mail Addy obet(ng)qfy(qbg)cvcrk(qbg)pbz <---Rot13 it
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    Mario Sarno

    Re: 6600 o2 mms settings help!

    "Rob Tompsett" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > I can't seem to be able to send mms messages on my 6600 (o2 Online
    > contract).
    > I either get 'waiting', 'failed', or 'resend at xxxx'.


    Settings need to be the following:

    Connection Name: O2 MMS
    Data Bearer: GPRS
    Access point name:
    User name: o2wap
    Prompt Password: No
    Password: password
    Authentication: Normal
    Connection Security: Off
    Session Mode: Permanent

    Press 'Options' then go to 'Advanced Settings' and check the

    Phone IP address: Automatic
    Primary name server:
    Second. name server:
    Proxy serv. address:
    Proxy port number: 8080

    Go back to the main menu, go into Messaging, then select 'Options'
    then 'Settings', then select 'Multimedia message', then make sure the
    following settings are set:

    Access point in use: O2 MMS
    Multimedia Reception: Always On
    On receiving msg.: Retr. Immediately
    Allow anon. messages: Yes
    Message Validity: Maximum Time

    The rest of the options you can set to whatever you want.

    To answer your other questions, when you send an MMS, it initially
    gets stored on a service centre at O2 (a bit like a text message). It
    stays there until it gets delivered to the recipient's phone, or until
    the Message Validity has been reached (which you set above). Setting
    it to 'Maximum Time' usually gives the recepient 2 weeks to retrieve
    the message.

    If you're still having problems turn your phone off for 5 mins then
    turn back on again. Failing that, contact O2 and make sure they have
    the GPRS and MMS services activated on your account, as sometimes
    these are switchec off by default. Costs nothing to have them

    All the Best,


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