Lo all,

I'm a little puzzled about the wallpaper format.
The resolution itself doesn't matter that much; using 3510i and 6610
wallpapers with a resolution higher than the screen are displayed anyway.

Only problem is some other data the image contains(?).

Created a wallpaper with Nokia Image Converter or similar prog, downloaded
the image via WAP: everything works fine.

But when I create an image without a converter prog, but just a 128*128 jpg
(and 256 colors) in paint or so, I can't open the image due to 'unknown file
When I view this downloaded file's details, it shows me filename and
resolution, but not 'date', as it does with the images made with the

So now I'd like to know whether it is possible to make wallpapers without
the converter-prog, and if possible - how?
If it isn't possible, is there any converter prog that supports custom
resolutions? The two progs I found don't support the wide screen a 3510i
has, so my wallpapers aren't full-screen....

TIA for answering!!!


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