Free New Celluar phone (Nokia 3595, $139.99 value ) with a charger,
original receipt, original box, documents.
My Celluar phone is one year guarantee with the my original receipt.
If you go to store and buy this Nokia 3595, the price is $139.99 + tax.
I paid special promotion price for this Nokia 3595 on Boxing day of 2003
year, but you can get this cell phone
from me with $0.00.

I have one year contract with Roger AT&T. The contract ends on December
27, 2004.
You are only responsible for remaining 8 months contract.
You can also switch to any Rogers plan you want, and you don't need to
keep my plan.
Monthly fee starts from $20.

There is no transfer fee. The cell phone is available immediately.

If interested, call 514-637-1102, Zhu

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