I want to create a Java Application for the 7210

First of all, I have directly downloaded the TicTac-Toe-Tutorial to the 7210 Simulator.
It works fine

Next I have modified it a little bit and compiled it using


I downloaded it, but It sayed :"Program Error - something like "MIDLET not found" - hmm

OK, I tried to recompile the TicTacToe without changes using JAVAC and JAR - same problem

OK, I unpacked TicTacToe.jar and packed it again(including class files, correct direcory structure, png files and MANIFEST Files)

Same Problem on the JAR File.
IT says: Program Error: Midlet not found

I am not able to create working JAR Files

Its the same result, if I use JAR.EXE on Windows or jar on unix

Can someone point me out the Error I am doing ?
Can Someone provide me with a example .BAT for a Unix Makefile/Script that contains all the steps and Program-Options to create a working .JAR file from some JAVA Files ?

Any Help is warmly appreciated

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