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    Hi All,

    Can't make the subj to work.
    a) Installed DKU-5 drivers.
    b) Connected the cable and phone to the PC USB port. Phone displayed a
    message data enhancement connected.
    c) Installed PC Suite 5.12 which couldn't detect my phone
    I've tried to add Nokia modem manuall as failed pc suite installatio
    sugested. The problem is that there are no COM ports listed when I am
    adding the Nokia modem from control pannel\modems. Same when I open
    connection manager, choos eserial connection, then have to wait for a
    minute or two and it displays dialog box asking to choose COM port
    from the list, except the list is empty.
    I don't have serial ports, only USB, but AFAIK the installer should
    creaet one and attach to one of the USBs, no?

    BTW if I go to control panel/system/hardware/device manager there is
    no "ports" item in the list, although USB devices show that on one of
    then unknown device is connected, that'd be my Nokia.
    Any sugestions?

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    Re: Nokia 6200 pcsuite 5.12 and data cable problem, no com ports?

    Actually last night I've removed all soft and reinstalled after
    rereading the manual. In short the problem is that after installing
    DKU-5 drivers and connecting only DKU-5 cable (as per manual request)
    to USB port XP pops up new hardware found dialog, as expected, except
    it can't find any drivers. Hence no ports created on USB. Did anyone
    experienced the same problem? Whare are those drivers supposed to be?
    DKU-5 suite I've got from Nokia, I think that must have it, but what's
    wrong with XP then?

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