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    Just got my 6230 yesterday.
    have noticed 2 things that i dont like so far and would like some feedback.
    phone is running version 3.15
    my location is Sydney Australia
    issues are:

    1. there is no display brightness setting. is this correct or couldnt i find it? i know u can change the contrast of the background picture, but you cant change the brightness of anything. my previous nokias you could. does anyone know why this was left out, or ifs its there where is it located???

    2. When receiving calls in previous nokias the background wallpaper would disappear and a white background would appear with the callers id, or private number being displayed. this is not the case with the 6230. you still get that information HOWEVER the wallpaper stays, and depending on what picture you have it can be very difficult to see who is calling. Is this generic? is there a setting to stop this? as its pissing me off.

    Pls let me if these 2 things are able to be changed.



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    Re: Nokia 6230 display problems fault?

    display brightness setting should be under 'display settings' as it was on
    the 6220, its missing on the 6230. Also on my 3.15v no white background
    comes up when someone calls, although it does when i receive a message.

    We are all beta testers my friend :-(

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