Provides a number of useful financial calculations for Investments and

Investment Calculations include:
- Fixed Investment,
- Accrued Investment,
- Length of time for Investment to reach value.

Loan calculations include:
- Loan Repayment,
- Largest Loan Borrowable,
- Time required for Loan repayment,
- Amortization of Loan.

Inputted values are remembered for the life of the application session,
allowing a number of ''What If'' calculations to be performed. The inputted
values are also transfered from one form of calculation to the next,
allowing results to be transfered and used as the basis of further

Flexibility is provided for specifying various repayment or investment
schedules (i.e. the number of deposits/repayments per year).

In the case of Amortization, the number of periods to display can be
specified along with starting year and month.

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