Joe O'Hara <[email protected]> wrote:

> Samm wrote:
>> I have been getting less and less impressed with Nokias so
>> rather than just go out and get myself a Nokia 7250i, I'm
>> also considering the Moto E365 or the Sagen MyX-7.
>> I used to hate Motos but the E365 has a nice screen and some
>> reviews say it is quite ok.
>> Which of Moto E365, Sagex MyX-7 and Nokia 7250i is better for
>> someone like me who will NOT be using the photo capabilities
>> much at all.
>> Instead of photos I want an easy to use and functional
>> phonebook, different ringtones per user, loud ringing volume,
>> good usable speakerphone and that sort of thing.
>> Which of the three is best?

> Well, first of all I'd rule out the E365. It's really more a
> budget phone than anything... I really really don't like it.
> The MyX-7 isn't actually all that bad. It definitely has a
> better screen and camera than the Nokia, and is something a
> little bit different. Sure, the UI is different, but I find it
> fairly easy to operate, and it's all pretty logical.
> The 7250i is slightly dated now, with a sub-sub-par camera and
> screen. Of course, it benefits from having the standard 'do it
> with your eyes shut' Nokia user interface, but it's far from
> perfect, IMHO.
> I wouldn't disregard the 7250i at all, but suggest that you go
> into a shop and try out the MyX-7, you might find you like it.
> Forget about the E365.

Joe, thanks for the info.

I recently tried the Motorola E365 in the Orange shop and I quite
liked the visibility and size of its screen. I am not deeply
interested in photos so what I liked was the clear way the E365
showed lots of lines of information at one go when compared to the
Nokia 7250i.

And the E365 camera was much better than a Nokia 6100 (not 7250i
this time) which I used for a while - even though I may not use the
camera much at all.

Can you or anyone else here tell me what differences there are
between the Moto E365 and the Sagem MyX-7 in the areas I am mainly
interested in which are:

easy to use and functional phonebook

different ringtones assignable per user (or group of users)

loud ringing volume

usable and loud speakerphone & mic

calling-card features eg. chaining numbers from phonebook

.... and those sorts of thing which might be useful to a "power
user" who is not very interested in email, WAP/GPRS, data or

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