To clear this up - EACH time you charge your phone's battery, it
shortens the life span, no matter if it's Li-ion or the antiquated Ni-CD.
As a rule of thumb, the initial charge is the most important - charge to
manufacturer's instructions (normally more than 10 hours) with the phone
off. After that charge when the battery is almost flat. Do so for about
4-6 hours.

L David Matheny wrote:

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>>| I have a Nokia 6230. My battery does not run out every day but I
>>| just plug it in to top-up until the battery is full. Is this a bad thing
>>| to do ? Should I wait until the battery in almost run out before
>>| topping up ?
>>| Thanks.
>>Wait till it says battery low a couple times, then charge. Small
>>top ups everyday when the battery is not even close to flat ruins
>>the battery faster than you would ever imagine!! :-)

> That's what I always thought, but according to postings I've read
> recently, if you have a Li-ion battery it is better not to run it down.
> By running a Li-ion battery down only (say) 50 percent you will
> have to recharge more often (of course), but the battery will last
> for many more charges such that the total life will be increased.
> So they say anyway. Do some Google Groups searches.

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