Hi there,

I feel really frustrated by my problem - I have just bought a JORNADA
680e (second-hand now, of course) and even though I can get online and
surf the 'net, (after a great deal of hard work and experimenting!), I
still cannot access my email or my internet bank account. I just get
error messages that tell me I'm not authorised, or I get no response
at all! I have tried every possible variation in my setup options to
make this work, but I repeatedly get an error message. I'm sure there
must be an easy solution, but I can't see it.
So ...

Is it a driver issue?
If drivers are the problem, where do I go?
If the problem is NOT the driver, how do I found out what the answer
(I think the HP user manual for the Jornada is HOPELESS!!!!!)?
Is there a simple fix or trick to resolve this?
Apart from this Group, is there actually a Jornada User Support site
out there to help me?
Do Hewlett Packard even support these anymore????? (their websites
don't seem to even acknowledge that the Jornada even exists ...)

I really do appreciate any help anyone can give me.


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