I have setup Nokia data suite to connect to my Nokia 6600 mobile phone.

To start the connection I turn Bluetooth on in my phone. Then I right click
on the Belkin Bluetooth adapter icon in the right hand side of the tool-bar
(near clock) and select "start the Bluetooth device" from the menu.
Then I right-click on the Belkin icon in the tool-bar again and select
'Quick Connect' and then 'Bluetooth serial port' from the menu's.
I then have to select the device. On the menu it says '<No Name>' and 'Other
Devices' underneath it.

If I click on '<No Name>' it connects fine.
If I click on 'Other Devices' and then select 'Nokia 6600' it shows the
dialog box with the message as below :-

The Bluetooth serial port COM0 is now configured to connect to the device
Nokia 6600.
The application that will use this connection must be configured to use
The application may be started at any time.

And immediately another dialog box appears on top showing the error as
follows :-

Error creating 'Bluetooth Serial Port" connection with device 'Nokia 6600'.

I then click OK on the error message and then OK on the first message and it
connects fine.

Why if I click on '<No Name>' does it work with no problems?
Why if I click on 'Other Devices' then 'Nokia 6600' do I get the error
message but it still connects?

I do not understand why I have two devices 1 with name 'Nokia 6600' and 1
with '<No name>' as I only have 1 phone.

Is there anyway I can get it so there is only one device i.e. the one listed
as 'Nokia 6600'?

Why I am getting the symptoms I am?

Any help or information will be gratefully appreciated.


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