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    Re: Two Nokia 6100 handsets destroyed by Oxygen Software

    Paul Hopwood <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > eggster2k <[email protected]> wrote:
    > >>> Anyway, I don't suppose anyone can answer my questions? Is this a
    > >>> known problem and can anybody recommend any other software which is
    > >>> better than PC Suite and allows backup/transfer of phone books and
    > >>> ring tones between a couple of 6100s and an 8310?

    > Thanks. I'll take a look at LogoManager and MobiMB - appears I need
    > both to do what I want but the combined price is similar to Oxygen.

    Mobius and MobiMB may be a better combination (and cheaper).

    See More: Two Nokia 6100 handsets destroyed by Oxygen Software

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    Re: Two Nokia 6100 handsets destroyed by Oxygen Software

    I downloaded the cracked version, tried it, found it to be no more useful
    than Nokias own PC Suite, so I turned it back into fresh disk space.

    Reading this thread, I'm bloody glad that a) I used the cracked version,
    just because I could, and b) deleted it.

    Thanks to all above. very entertaining and educational read.


    "Frode" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Hash: SHA1
    > [email protected] wrote:
    > >I'd accept that their ability to deal with the post might be hindered
    > >by translation but I expect accusing a potential customer of piracy
    > >and provocation, after your product *may* of caused damage to their
    > >equipment, is downright rude in *any* language!

    > Indeed. Goes with the territory though. It's not just that they can't
    > understand, it's that they fill in the blanks with assumptions. They then
    > respond based on that assumption being true and I've rarely seen them back
    > down and admit they misunderstood. Don't mean to generalize the entire
    > Oxygen staff, but that's the impression I've built over the time I've been
    > in this group.
    > >In any event, looking back at posts in this group, they seem very
    > >vocal when it comes to peddling their product (maybe they have trouble
    > >translating "THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISING GROUP" too?) but rude or
    > >unresponsive when people raise any concerns regarding the product.

    > Tbh, I'm more annoyed by their overly cheerful "of course OPM can do
    > that!", "certainly!" and "thank you for your request!" statements in
    > response to people who certainly haven't requested anything of Oxygen, but
    > rather asked about how to use some other program. Their pretense of
    > contributing to the group in order to peddle their product is a bit
    > borderline imo.
    > Either way it's no biggie. If people are bothered they can just blacklist
    > them. It's not like they're spamming 20 fresh ad threads a day or anything
    > like that. It's just statements in virtually every mail they've managed to
    > see a way to make a minimal response to in order to advertise. As long as
    > they do make some worthwhile response, or offer their product in answer to
    > a request for suggestions on software that fits a need, it's ok by me.
    > >>In this case they somehow managed to read large portions of your post
    > >>wrong and didn't even notice that you had switched to talking about PC
    > >>Suite when mentioning backup/restore.

    > >I was using the PC Suite and a trail copy of Oxygen and made this
    > >clear in my post. I guess I'm a liar as well as a pirate and
    > >provocateur.

    > Like I said, they didn't catch the part where you switched from talking
    > about OPM to PC Suite. That's why they accused you of pirating. They
    > thought you were talking about backups via OPM (which isn't possible in

    > trial), not PC Suite.
    > >In any even, even had I been using a pirated copy it seems unlikely a
    > >crack would alter the underlying functionality of the software.
    > >Unless, of course, they *know* it would exhibit this problem because
    > >they have written mechanisms into their software to deliberately
    > >damage phones when used with pirated copies?

    > They haven't. Or if they have, they've underestimated the crackers'

    > I couldn't quite find a need for OPM myself after testing the trial
    > version, so didn't buy it nor download a cracked version, but I have
    > friends that have been using cracked versions of it for ages without any
    > problems. Personally I'm using 6600 and can do everything I want with
    > either PC Suite or my MMC card reader.
    > >Maybe they're hitting babelfish right now for a translation for "we're
    > >sorry" but I'm not holding my breath.

    > They might. No doubt they ought to. But they probably haven't followed the
    > thread and figured out where they got confused. Nor read this message to
    > notice me *****ing it out for them just a few paragraphs ago.
    > >I guess I can be thankful that Oxygen Software have at least shown me
    > >the true character of the people that make up the organisation
    > >assuring that I don't give my money to such an unscrupulous company.

    > All is good for something, I believe a saying goes
    > - --
    > Frode
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