I can connect my 6600 to my PC by Bluetooth but when I fire up PC
Suite it identifies the phone's name not as 'My Nokia' but as a series
of boxes - you know the characters a PC displays when it can't display
the orignal font. If I open up Device Manager inside PC suite it
reports two phones on the system - one has the details of my actual
6600, but the other carries this 'illegal character' label. the
kosher 6600 entry has an id number, the dud one is just blank. But I
can't delete the dud entry, even when it is disconnected. The illegal
name sits in the status line marked 'Active'. I cannot switch
operations to use the kosher 6600 entry.

I've uninstalled PC suite, used regcleaner and reinstalled - twice -
and the same problem re-occurs every time.

Is the phone IDing itself to the PC using illegal characters? Is the
problem in the phone's firmware, or in my BT set up?

Any help gratefully received. I'm going bonkers here.


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