I am interesting in knowing some things about this product. First of all, does
it put out a real dialtone or the 50 vdc that the phone company puts out?
Secondly does it respond to standard dial touchtones the same as a real phone
would or do you have to use a special procedure to dial on it? Here is what I
want to do: I have a burglar/fire alarm system and I do not want to pay $17 or
more per month for monitoring. What I would like to do is hook an analogue
dialer (the tape type or other type) to it and then use a Cell Socket with an
old Nokia or Motorola phone on a pre paid account. I figure that this will cost
me about $25 every 3 months for a new card. Then, if the alarm is tripped, the
dialer will go "off hook" and will dial 3 phone numbers, one of which will be
my cell phone. It will not even need to play a message because I will recognize
the pre paid number on my Caller ID and I will know the alarm has been tripped.
This would be both cheaper than monitoring and would be added security in that
the burglar could not defeat the sysytem by merely cutting an outdoor phone
line. Will it work?

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