Hi Mike,

I was all set to buy MobileMB since it will allow me to work with all the
phones in our household without additional cost as charged by your
competitor. But then I realized that it doesn't allow backup of the phone
book. Do you offer any deal for buying both the MB and PX?


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> >> Just noticed the last bit, glad to hear you like it! Yes you can
> >> use one copy for this - in fact if you're really keen and have two
> >> serial ports and two cables, you can even connect both at once and
> >> drag direct from one to another. That might be a little more than
> >> you want to do though :-)

> >
> > Nah, one phone at a time is enough. It would be nice to be able to
> > download backgrounds and ringtones to both phones and have a backup of
> > both contact lists etc on the computer. As my 3 month old 3593 puked
> > last week and I lost all my ringtones and stuff as I could not pull
> > those off the broken phone.

> If you want contact lists as well and you want both MobiMB and Mobius/PX
> together, I'm sure we can do a deal on that. Anyway, there should be no
> problem with a USB cable as long as the drivers are recent. Note that a

> of suppliers don't even bother including the drivers, but we can usually
> help out with that as well.
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