ATT is about to release the Nokia 6620 -- I was told within weeks. They
should also be releasing the 7610 this year. I would like to buy either of
these phones.

I've read that there will not be an upgrade to iSync, soon, and may not be
one until the release of the next OS.

However, I've also read that the immediate predecessors of these phones, the
Nokia 6600 and other Series 60 phones are supported by iSync. In fact, there
is a picture of the 6600 on the iSync home page.

Is there any reason to believe that the newer versions of these phones
(6620, 7610) will not work? Anyone have any experience with them?


Finally, there are great shareware programs for the SE phones; I use Phone
Agent and Bluetooth.

I know many people are disappointed in the failure to update iSync, but are
there shareware programs that work with the Nokia Series 60 phones,
Bluetooth, and the Mac?

I am writing this because a few months I leaped before looking and bought a
Motorola V600. It did not work with iSync, and there were no really good
shareware programs to make it work with the Mac. I had to return the phone.

I don't want to make another mistake. Thanks.


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