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    I've just got a new Nokia 6820 on the o2 network. It's been working
    fine up to now. Last night, I tried to get the email function to work,
    unsuccessfully. But that's not the real problem.

    This morning, I can't send texts - it keeps coming up as "number not
    in use". I've tried checking the message delivery centre. I've tried
    restoring the factory settings. I've tried turning it off.

    Nothing seems to be working. It makes phone calls fine.

    Can anyone help?


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    Re: texting problem with 6820

    "aj" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Not sure about your provider, but with mine, there is a number setting
    > that was part of the SIM card from the provider. Look under / Messages
    > / Message Settings / Text Messages / Sending Profile / Message Center
    > number -- you may have to confirm that number with your provider.

    Also make sure that "Reply via same centre" isn't selected.

    A common mistake.....

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