august 1, 2004.
a new 6220.
purchased also a DKU 5 cable.
installed driver first , then connected cable,

installed then nokia suite 6.0.
not from supplied software in box, (version 5.0)
but from nokia site..

computer registered and identfied
new hardware in the cable and
said hardware was ready to use.

when i plug in cable to phone, the phone display reads:
"data enhancement connected"

when i open suite and attempt to backup, PC reads:
no supported phone connected
(though i did have phone physically connected to DKU 5 cable.)

in backup,
tried setting up connection
especially the USB to serial connection
(Prolific USB to serial connection)
which i presume is the nokia.

please guide me step by step,.

previously uninstalled dku 5 driver and nokia suite and

reinstalled to make sure i did it in proper sequence.

will do anything suggested.

must admit:
phone and pc were connected once, suggesting it can be

but my system hung when trying to get into phone.
at least ten times.

so i disconnected device
and uninstalled and reinstalled
drivers and suite 6.0, again in proper sequence.

since reinstalling,
can not connect and pc does not identify phone, and
does not make connection to phone.

thanks in advance,

robert, a newby

will be grateful for any further suggestions.


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