Previously I had a Nokia 8290 and I used to connect it with my laptop
and Pocket PC using infrared ports and used it as dial up modem to
establish an internet connection (CSD connection) with my ISP.

Now last week I got a Nokia 3600 (almost identical to Nokia 3650) and I
was hopping to use it as a dialup modem too using the bluetooth (or
Infrared) connection, since my small ISP doesn't support GPRS yet. I can
transfer files files between my phone and laptop using both Infrared and
bluetooth connections. I have also got Nokia PC Suite working and I can
sync between laptop and the phone using bluetooth and infrared. I have
also installed both Nokia Irda and Nokia bluetooth modem drivers. And
here is when problems start.

The problem is that I cannot query my Nokia bluetooth modem (and
infrared modem) even when I have a connection established. I have also
created a dial up profile in Windows using Nokia bluetooth drivers. But
when I dial my ISP using that dialup profile, my phone responds saying
'calling ***' or something like it and then drop the connection after 2
seconds. What should I do in this situation? Thank you.


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