Want to NEVER pay a cell phone again ? Want free service ? Incoming

(This will also get you ANY ringer, game, screensaver or app that
Sprint offers ABSOLUTLEY FREE !)

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We looked at all the sites out there relating to CDMA phones and how
to "hack" them or "phreak" them. Everywhere we looked people were
asking how to get "free minutes" or avoid paying a bill. No one wanted
to talk about it. Other sites sold software but they dont tell you how
to use it (Actually most are in Russian !). We decided that there was
an underground need and that we could supply an all encompassing
solution for any user that wanted to either have a cell phone and not
pay a bill OR start a business of selling cloned phones (also called
"burnouts", "throw-aways" , etc).

We supply not only easy to use software we also provide free updates
(as available), easy directions, and the knowledge of how to get phone
numbers, and EVEN FREE PHONES to use all this on. We DO NOT advise
people to steal numbers from individuals. We DO tell you how to get
numbers from the carrier companies themselves ! These numbers are good
for looong periods of time(a year sometimes), send AND RECIEVE calls
and it doesn't cost an individual money that he cant afford. While yes
you could use this information to steal numbers from individuals on a
large scale we really dont endorse it here, especially since there is
a better, kinder way.

We 100% support your needs. As a matter of fact if you CANT do what
you expected with our service then we will REFUND your money (Within
the first 30 days)!

Bottom line ....If you want to start your little underground business
of selling phones(People make thousands a week doing this btw....) or
you just want to never pay an outragous cell bill again then join us
and let your fingers do the walking !


Remember that each package INCLUDES LIVE PHONE TECH SUPPORT for 30
days, software UPDATES for 30 days, AND ALL the SOFTWARE and images to
clone any phone for that particular manufacturer.

ALL LG phones and software support $75.00 USD
ALL Samsung phones and software support $75.00 USD
ALL Kyocera and Qualcomm phones and software support $75.00 USD
ALL Sanyo phones and software support COMING SOON!

BUY 3 packages for 175.00 USD !!!

THese software packages all include ESN changers, SPC unlockers, PRL's
for most carriers, and the PST for each phone PLUS directions and the
support you will need to get going !


If in 30 days you CAN NOT clone phones for the package you have
purchased then we will REFUND your money. ANYONE can do this with our
help. We have yet to have a SINGLE request for a refund !!! Its THAT

cL0nE PhrEak

[email protected]

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