Hi all,

I googled for some time but couldnt find any clue. Please give me some

I have a Nokia 6610 and I use it for 7 months now. Some month ago,
suddenly the software was frozen:
- the clock, that was displayed didnt update
- it didnt respond to any keys
- it didnt respond to power-off button on top of phone.
- it *did* go off, after disconnecting the battery.
- it *didnt* go on, after replacing the battery.

I sent it for repares and now I got it back. Happy me working with my
functioning phone for 2 days. Poor me, just 2 days and it had allready
the same bug. ARGH!

Me and my stupid phone. Turning on doesnt seem to work. Please some
advice to get my phone working again or what the cause is of

The battery is tested and seems ok.

Kind regards, - Tom

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