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    drbob wrote:

    Couple of other points:

    > 1) For bluetooth connections Nokia recommend having at least version
    > 5.50 of the phone software

    Make sure you back up your phone data (phonebook, sms messages etc)
    before you get the software update as it will reset your phone to
    factory defaults you can do this via infra-red with Nokia data suite, or
    ask the dealer who does the upgrade to do it for you (or better still do

    > 2) The gprs settings on your phone - I can only tell you about my setup
    > (with orange UK), your provider may be different, but all I had to do
    > was set the APN to "orangeinternet" (your APN will be different)
    > Many providers have two different APNs - one for WAP over gprs and
    > another for Internet access from laptops and PDAs etc. Make sure you are
    > getting the settings for internet access from your providers customer
    > services. Some providers don't allow direct internet access, only WAP
    > access, you may want to clarify with them that what you are trying to do
    > is possible on their network.

    The APN for internet access over bluetooth or irda needs to be set in:

    Menu -> Settings -> GPRS modem settings -> edit current access point

    This can be confusing as GPRS settings for the phones internal WAP
    browser, which have no relation to GPRS over bluetooth can be entered under:

    Menu -> Services -> Settings


    OE Users - check this out!

    See More: 6310i fax functions (GPRS over bluetooth help)

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    Re: 6310i fax functions (GPRS over bluetooth help)

    Extreme excitement!!

    I got it! More detail will follow...but it was another sub-menu [in the
    phone]. Something about GPRS modem settings. It was set to use the
    Microbrowser APN. Changed it to "", and BINGO.

    <Evil cackling>

    So now I need to clarify exactly what "WAP" browsing is. I realize that I
    can connect to my cell providers' service with *only* the cellphone. I have
    done this, actually. They call it a 'MicroBrowser'. (Seems pretty
    worthless, really.)

    Or, I can link up the cell with the laptop [via BT] and access the www, AND
    my e-mail account at my regular ISP. (!!)

    In fact, drbob, I think that maybe you have already been assisting me in the
    Jon's forum. If that is the case, then I will def. write to you directly.
    But now, I need to crash. (It's 2300h Sunday here)


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