This phone model works only with DKU-5 cable (,5184,5867,00.html ). DKU-2 cable works only with
Nokia 7600, 7610, 6650, 3300 phone models.

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Hello, Paul!
You wrote in conference, on Tue, 5 Oct
2004 22:45:04 +0100 from address [email protected]:

>Downloaded the newest version of PC Suite today (v.6.4) with the cable
>drivers for DKU-2 Data Cable. All installed ok but when I plug in the
>I get an error message from the system tray to tell me that a USB
>(i.e. the phone) is not recognised and I can't sync with my PC as PC
>obviously isn't seeing the phone.,

>Any odeas about how I can fix this or what the problem is?



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