Hi folks-

When pairing a Jabra Freespeak BT250 with my Nokia 6820, using the
regular mode, voice dialing via the headset "phone" key doesn't work.
Jabra support let me know that I should pair them using the enhanced
mode (push volume up on the headset when starting pairing). This works,
and a different icon comes up on the phone display (a little car instead
of the regular headset icon).

But, when I disconnect for whatever reason, then reconnect, I get the
regular headset icon instead of the enhanced mode car icon. I'm not
sure about the extent of the functional problem (voice dialing seems to
work OK).

I figured this was pretty weird, and had a non-productive discussion
with AT&T tech support today (when I thought the voice dialing wasn't
working due to wrong mode selection).

Does anyone have any experience with bluetooth headsets on this phone?
I'm curious to know if there are reconnection problems in general or if
this is just a minor cosmetic thing.


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