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    Steve Haubner
    Hi--I recently purchased a Nokia 6600. While I love the phone's
    features, display and high-quality camera, the overall sound quality
    is disappointing. Even at low volume levels the handset voice quality
    has a lot of distortion and it hurts to sit through more than a five
    minute conversation. It's almost as if the treble is too high.

    Furthermore, the loudspeaker quality is not much better. Both
    speakerphone calls and ringtones sound muddy and AM radio quality.
    Playing MIDI tones that are crystal clear on a Sony Ericsson or
    Motorola phone sound like a wet blanket on the 6600. I tried my
    friend's N-Gage QD and the experience was exactly the same.

    Is this an issue endemic to all recent Nokia Series 60 phones? If so,
    the 6600 might be going back...

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    Re: Nokia Phone Sound Quality

    yes man nokia 6600 sound is bad

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