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    Al puzzuoli
    here's the situation:
    One household, two phones-- a 6600 and a 6620, one computer.
    Will the software for both phones coexist on the same PC? If not, are
    there any alternate solutions short of buying another computer? Having
    to constantly install and uninstall each version of PC suite would be
    ridiculous. Why in the world can't Nokia just settle on one version for
    all symbian phones (grumbling explatives under my breath_?



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    Re: 6600 and 6620 PC Suite on same machine?

    Depending on the synchronizations you (might) want to do with the PC
    (Contacts, Calemdar, To Do) or do you just want to do backups, use Phone
    Editor and rest of the Suite.

    If case is former, you might run to a trouble - I haven't experienced with
    two phones going to my Notes at the same time....

    If latter, you're lucky - there's no problem.

    By the way, to ensure best compability with your phones - download newest PC
    Suite from At least I've been able to use all our phones (7600,
    6610, 6230, 5100) with the same Suite.


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